Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed through the negligence of other drivers. I have been representing people injured in automobile and truck accidents for over twenty years. During that time, I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients. I have successfully handled cases ranging from minor injuries to permanent disability and death.

If you or a loved one is injured in an automobile or truck accident, it is crucial that you choose an excellent lawyer to represent you. Insurance companies hire lawyers to avoid compensating you for your injuries. You need someone who will fight to protect your rights. You need someone who is experienced and is able to fight for you all the way through a trial if necessary. The unfortunate reality is that many lawyers who take on personal injury claims are ill-equipped to try cases. Most lawyers have not tried many cases. I have tried over fifty cases to verdict. I can help you.

Truck accident cases require particular expertise. Tragically, truck accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries or death. Often, truck accidents result from poor driver training, overworked drivers or faulty maintenance. Trucking companies spare no expense in trying to avoid responsibility for their drivers’ negligence. Many trucking companies place profits over the safety of the motoring public. You must have a lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases. You need a lawyer who has the experience battling these big corporations. I have that experience. I have successfully represented many people whose lives were devastated by the negligence of trucking companies and their drivers.

If you or a family member is injured by the negligence of another driver, make sure you choose the right lawyer. Your future may depend on it. I will meet with you and guide you through the process. I will protect your rights. I will obtain compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses and damage to your vehicle. I do not charge any fees for my services unless and until I win the case.